Sinol Frutal 1 L

Sinol Frutal 1 L

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Sinol Frutal: it is a powerful product. Designed for those situations with strong odors.

It is presented in bottles with dosing tank to facilitate its handling and dosage.

Sinol Frutal is a powerful product to neutralize odors in domestic indoor crops and in CSC

It is diluted in water of the order of 10% and becomes a gel with Sinol Base.

Inside the crop we place it in height and near the filter in this way we avoid that the plants absorb the fragrance of the neutralizer.

Remove the gel with some frequency to facilitate a homogeneous consumption.

Regenerate the gel with the same product. With each regeneration we can change the concentration of the neutralizer. If the smells increase we can increase the concentration.


Producto Nota Estado Precio
Sinol Base 100 ml Sinol Base 100 ml
Permite convertir el Sinol Strong líquido a formato Gel 5,81 *
1 l = 58,10 €
Los precios incluyen el IVA
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