We have a experience of years into Odour Control and Neutralizantion in the field of industrial control and neutralization of odors in different areas: landfill, composting, municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants transfer / recycling, chemical and petrochemical, etc ....
The experience gained over the years has enabled us to develop new products for other sectors.
The Sinol products, based on essential oils, are prepared so they can be diluted in water, which facilitates that the end user to adjust the working concentration of the intensity of odors in each phase of the culture.
Initial working concentration may be 10% (eg 50 ml to 500 ml water product).
Some advantages over competitors are:
- No additional equipment (electrical) are required for application
- Can be diluted with water and adjust the concentration to each case.
- The use of Sinol product eliminates carbon filters. Reduces costs and improves air renewal.
- Biodegradable and pose no danger to animals and environment people.
- Maintain the same ability to neutralize odors from the first to the last drop of product. Items in Gel / Solid decrease rapidly.
- Very low power consumption. A 0.5 l bottle can last a 10-14 weeks of a standard culture.
- With only 10 ml of Sinol we can prepare sprayers 1000 cc.
- Economic.
All our products are 100% biodegradable and safe for humans, animals, plants and the environment.